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Content Creatives paid work experience


The Content Creatives scheme is open to 18-24 year olds currently living in Yorkshire.

You will receive six weeks of bespoke training with SharpFutures followed by an eight-week work placement to put these skills into practice at a creative digital organisation in Leeds.

During the first six weeks of the scheme you will experience all aspects of creating and delivering digital content. You’ll undertake a range of courses covering skills such as production techniques, digital storytelling, ideas generation and pitching skills, alongside soft skills such as communication and teamwork.

After this training, you will then complete an eight-week placement to put these skills into practice. As well as offering placements with 4Studio, C4’s Leeds-based digital content production unit, Channel 4 have partnered with the creative and gaming companies Born Ugly, CreativeRace, Dubit, McCann Leeds and Social who can offer a range of exciting placements to successful candidates.

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